Work life

Work life

People talk about how being ill with Covid-19 affected their work.

“I’m lucky enough to get two weeks’ sick leave from my workplace and my colleagues are supportive and understanding.”

said 37-year-old Rosie. Read full story

Charlie, a teacher, told us

“I was ill just before it “blew up”, so initially there were no concerns on their part, I was just ill. The end of my two weeks coincided with the beginning of lockdown, so it was more “understood…As a teacher, I’m more concerned with being rushed back to work whilst the pandemic is ongoing. ”

For some people, lack of available testing for Covid-19 was a problem for them.

John, who works as a bicycle courier in Manchester, decided to self-isolate on Saturday after waking up with a cough, fever and shortness of breath.

“I wanted to be cautious as my job involves visiting people who might be vulnerable to coronavirus.”

“I messaged the supply company and they disabled my account for seven days, so I’m unable to work,” said the 24-year-old. “This wouldn’t normally be a problem but they have funds available for people who have coronavirus, but they’re not available unless you get medically tested.”

Andrew, 42, is a GP. He was off work with a fever. He contacted 111, Public Health England, the local health protection agency and the local hospital in the hope of being tested.
“The advice was the same. Stay at home. It’s quite frustrating as at the end of the day you just want to do your job…Surely we should be testing frontline health workers so that, if negative, they can return to work promptly after an illness?”