Treatment of symptoms

Treatment & Recovery

There is no specific treatment for Covid-19 but people talk about treating the symptoms, for example using paracetamol to bring down a fever.

Being in hospital with coronavirus

Some people with more serious symptoms had been treated in hospital.

Lou was taken to hospital by paramedics who found that she had temperature higher than 40 degrees. She was put on a drip and given a variety of drugs. Read the full story

In Singapore, Julie was put in a hospital room with no human contact. Medicine and food came through a hatch. She was there for 9 days. Read the full story

People share how scary it is to be so ill in hospital. A doctor caught the illness at work and ended up in a high Dependency Unit at the hospital where he worked. He has asthma and says:

“I knew that my health was moving in the wrong direction and I was really frightened that I would die alone in the hospital….kept thinking about the prospect of my daughter growing up without me if I didn’t make it”. Read the full story