People talk about self-isolating with and without Covid-19 symptoms.

Charlie had symptoms and is currently living with her parents so stayed in her bedroom. Being so tired meant being unable to do much more than sleep. Charlie told us:

“[My] Mental well-being was alright… [I] Couldn’t do anything (watch tv, read), I just slept. 14 hours at night and then on and off throughout the day.”

Wendy was flagged as possibly having Covid-19 at Dubai airport. She arrived there on her way home to Australia from the UK. A thermal scanner picked up that she had a slight fever. She was sent for testing at the hospital then told to isolate in a hotel until her results came back.

“Being a health professional myself, I took all precautions for self-isolation. This included complete social distancing, ordering groceries online and even food would be placed at my door which I would pick up after the room service personnel left.” Read the full story

Self-isolating with children

Having children in isolation can be hard. Phillip and his son self-isolated with coughs after a holiday to Italy.
“The children think it’s great but it’s hard to get them to understand that they can’t play Xbox all day. We are trying to get them to work so that’s quite stressful. I’m a very active person. I do a lot of cycling and about 15,000 steps a day so it’s frustrating just being around the house all day. I’ve got an indoor bike and it’s one of the only things keeping me sane.” Read the full story

Helen told us that she found isolating with her family:

“Mentally very hard. With three young children, one of whom has autism. It has been difficult and quite suffocating.”

Self-isolating as a precaution without symptoms.

Some people talk about isolating from others as a precaution if they are concerned that they have brought the virus back from somewhere else.

Leah returned from a high-risk area of Italy and self-isolated in a caravan on her parents’ driveway.
“I’ve got lots of uni work to do and I’ve got books, wi-fi and my art stuff. I am trying to look at it as an artistic retreat.”
22 year old Tanishk flew home from studying overseas and was worried about that he might catch the virus and pass it on to his parents. His mum explains:
  “After landing Tanishk decided to go under a self-imposed quarantine, even though at that time it had not been announced as compulsory. Before he arrived home, he instructed us to leave many drinking water bottles, cleaning items like disinfectant sprays, sanitizers, a broom, a duster, gloves, masks, some snacks and a yoga mat inside his room. He said he would not come out of his room at all. He has an en suite bathroom so he was self-sufficient. We, his parents are middle aged – on the wrong side of 50, so he stopped us from coming to the airport to pick him up. He went straight to his room as soon as he arrived. He was literally on his own, confined in his closed room from that point. We texted emoji hugs to him when he reached home.”
Tanishk then became ill with Covid-19. He slept 16 hours a day and did online classes from his room.