How the illness progressed

Progression of the illness

Progression of Covid-19

People had different things to say about which Covid-19 symptoms came and went and the timing of these. Some symptoms stay for a long time.

“When I woke up on Sunday, the fever was gone. The cough and the aches, chills, fatigue persisted for the next week.”
Said Chuck aged 38. Read the full story

Tina, 52, said:

“I woke with a sore throat and a little cough. It felt like an annoying tickle. Day two, the fever set in, the cough got worse, the sore throat was worse, and it began to be uncomfortable to take a deep breath.” Read the full story

Getting better and then worse again

Many people talk about how their Covid-19 symptoms seem to improve then get worse again.

Charlie told us:

“I thought I was better after 5/6 days, then on day 7/8, temperature and headaches returned. Some days I had a temperature, others I didn’t. Main consistent symptom was extreme and persistent fatigue.”

Julie said:

“The fever went and for the rest of the week I was well… [then] really early in the morning… I woke up and the room was spinning…It felt like my lungs were going into overdrive.” Read the full story

Connor is based in Wuhan, China where the virus started. He talks about how he started off feeling like he had a cold. It seemed to get better but then he felt worse. He got flu-like symptoms and said it was the worst experience he has had of the flu. He was stuck in bed and had a headache.

Pay says that three days after initial flu-like symptoms set in:

“I felt like I was starting to turn a corner a bit, the flu like symptoms were dying down. I was up and about, I felt loads loads better…”

then, a day later:

“ I started having breathing troubles and the more archetypal coronavirus symptoms…Really hard to take a full deep breath, even when I was taking a breath it didn’t feel like I was getting enough oxygen in my body for the breaths that I was taking…it feels like you’re suffocating in slow motion…it became impossible for me to get up and down the stairs, just to go to the toilet without feeling catastrophically out of breath and light-headed and head spinning.”

Pneumonia and coronavirus

Coronavirus can lead to pneumonia. It happened to Connor and he ended up in hospital. He said he could not get a full breath
“like only 20% of your lungs are working”
“like you’re breathing through a bag”.
He says it was very scary to have his breathing affected.