Bereavement to coronavirus


Many people talked about the death of a loved one to coronavirus.

Zainab Badawi (a BBC correspondent) talks about losing her cousin Adil, a doctor, aged 64.

A church warden named Bob was reluctant to contact the doctor with his symptoms. According to his daughter Lyndsey and ex-wife Helen, he thought he had flu. He died at home.

His friend and colleague says

“we will miss him hugely and I don’t think we will actually recognise that loss properly until things settle down a bit”.

Losing a loved one to coronavirus in a care home

The Guardian reports many people’s experiences of losing a close relative when they were in a care home setting. They were incredibly sad at not having been able to visit their loved one before they died. Care home staff had been busy, so it was not always possible to get updates or speak to their relative regularly.

Diana’s husband Harvey died of suspected Covid-19 and she says
“I feel completely lost. It is like a bad dream for me. I was not told he was going into a decline. They didn’t tell me they thought he wasn’t going to live. I could have spoken to him. I feel so let down by it all.”
When she was told that he had died, she asked to see him. A staff member at the home helped Diana see Harvey’s body by video call.

Cathy drove 150 miles to visit her father who was dying from suspected covid-19. Cathy and her husband didn’t want to go into the care home and risk spreading the infection so they said their goodbyes through the window.

“It’s not what you expect the situation to be at the end of someone’s life and you can’t be there and you can’t hold his hand,” Gardner said. “He looked peaceful, the staff were brilliant but not being with him was terrible.”

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Coronavirus and death certificates

Bob Corrin’s death certificate has COVID-19 as the cause of death. and his ex-wife and daughter are angry that his death will not be counted in official statistics because he was never tested.

Diana’s husband Harvey’s death certificate said he died from dementia, but he had been reasonably healthy before. Harvey had told Diana he felt unwell during their final phone call. She thinks his death was due to COVID-19.